C4I Program Management Services

Crystal provides military program management to ensure delivery and sustainment of integrated, enterprise-wide Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence (C4I) systems and programs.

Crystal provides these C4I program management services:

Development, implementation and maintenance of C4I master plans. Our integrated enterprise management approach provides our clients a “big picture” view across enterprise programs and serves to identify and emphasize correlation between strategic goals, operational plans and solutions. Our enterprise transition planning approach can greatly influence client enterprise investment portfolios and their investment strategies. Our seasoned managers assist clients in the development of a series of products which collectively describe baseline architecture, target architecture and a transition plan if applicable; change management and control; and baseline and targets for performance, data and services.

  • Systems planning and integration assistance and support including development and maintenance of project management plans and a combination of management and engineering oversight for the migration, integration, and transition of systems.
  • Net-centric services to enable secure, agile, robust, dependable and interoperable data-sharing environments where warfighters, administrative, and intelligence users share knowledge inter-theater and across the global information grid.
  • Program management assistance and support includes overall management of C4I planning, integration, migration and implementation for C4I facilities, infrastructure and systems at both program and project levels. Our experience includes national-level program management and coordination with other high-level departments, agencies, clients, end users, C4I provders and other government contractors.
  • Maintenance of a roadmap/milestone description and tracking device to enhance operations and achieve measurable performance improvements.

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